Erasmus+ Project “Hitchhikers Guide to the Digital Galaxy”

Date Added: 11 December 2019 / 14:09

On December 9th we finished up our last Erasmus+ project of the year “Hitchhikers Guide to the Digital Galaxy”. 26 youth workers from 9 countries gathered for the same goals. These countries are: Poland, France, Lithuania, Italy, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova. After getting to know each other, ice-breakers and name games, participants were introduced to Digital Storytelling. They generated ideas for digital stories during the creative exercises in smaller groups. After which, they started script writing, followed by recording voice, collecting visuals, editing and making final corrections. In the middle of the training course we had a screening for all the videos, which turned out to be very emotional and interesting for everyone. We celebrated the successful creation of all the videos with an excursion and Georgian traditional dinner. Next part of the training course was dedicated to learning the methodology of digital storytelling. Our participants not only learned how to tell a personal story through creating a video, but they also learned how to open up in front of a group of people they have not met before. Therefore, besides professional skills, they also learned personal life lessons. During this second part of the training course, our youth workers acquired the necessary skills for promoting the methodology of digital storytelling in their own communities, helping their own people to grow. Thus, this project aims to help our young social activists to spread the knowledge acquired further. Project was implemented within the cooperation with Closer Europe Institute, with support of Erasmus+ programme of European Union.


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