Signing a memorandum of cooperation with Cys Centre

Date Added: 26 April 2019 / 19:58

On 25th of April, a memorandum of cooperation was signed by the “Caucasus Youth Nexus” and “Cys Centre”!

During the meeting representatives of the organisations discussed future cooperation perspectives in the framework of the project “Creative Twinning – ACT”, which has four different directions, such as: Digital Storytelling, Walls of Connection, Concerts and Conferences.

The main idea of Walls of Connections is to raise awareness about existing social and geographical barriers of the society. We should note that in the framework of the memorandum we are going to paint the walls of Pupils and Youth Palace in Rustavi. It’s also really important that in this event local volunteers will be involved.

Memorandum also includes Digital Storytelling direction. We already carried out one workshop in Rustavi.  Our participants from Rustavi took part in creative warm-up activities, after which, they were ready to record their digital stories. Among the modern methodologies digital storytelling is one of the most interesting and creative tools. It gives youth an opportunity to share their stories and experiences not only with each other, but with everyone all over the world, who has access to internet and a computer, or a mobile phone. Digital Storytelling is one part of our long-term project “Creative Twinning”, which aims at empowering youth and encouraging them to be more active in their society.

We planned lots of interesting and creative events!


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