Social Enterprise „GMT craft”

Date Added: 03 March 2021 / 21:10

The Social Entrepreneurship “GMT Craft” was founded in 2020 within the framework of the project “#Stay”(2019) organized by “Caucasus Youth Nexus” and funded by the Kaspi Local Municipality (funding amount of 5000 GEL). “GMT Craft” offers a variety of products to its customers such as bags (leather, felt, cloth); polymer clay products, accessories and souvenirs. All the above-mentioned products are crafted by the same technique; everything is crafted/created by hand. Presentation of the products created by our team was held for the first time in October 2019 in Digomi Forest Park at ”Parkfest”. Caucasus Youth Nexus provided funding for participation in this event. From the very inception, the idea of creating a Social Enterprise was to create a space for juveniles, where they would have the opportunity to explore and create a variety of handmade souvenirs or accessories. The enterprise would enable the juveniles involved in the diversion and mediation program to complete part of the court-assigned tasks in “GMT Craft” workshop, on the one hand, it would be useful to fulfill the imposed obligation, and on the other hand, it would enable them to develop their skills in this direction. Unfortunately, the pandemic situation in the world made our entrepreneurship unable to function as it was originally planned. However, we are currently in active negotiations with the “Agency of Governmental Care of Victims of Trafficking” in order to assist their beneficiary juveniles to contact our entrepreneurship for the above-mentioned cooperation.

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