Walls of Connection activity in Bakuriani

Date Added: 10 October 2019 / 14:57

On 9th October, 2019 we implemented another Walls of Connection activity in Bakuriani, Georgia. The main topic of the painting was gender equality.
We understand that gender equality and women empowerment topic is one of the biggest challenges of today’s world. Once more our participants convinced us in the importance of the topics mentioned above with their personal experiences and stories. In the activity mentioned above participants from: Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, France and UK took part. They did not hesitate to make their own changes in the painting. In general the process was really interesting and joyful.
Our guest artist with the nickname – Wise created the general concept of the painting. He also implemented a practical workshop for the participants. It gave them a chance to try themselves in the spray art.
The activity was implemented in the framework of the ongoing project “ACT”, which has four main directions such as: Walls of Connection, Digital Storytelling, Concerts and Conferences In the direction of Walls of Connection we already painted the walls in: Khashuri, Gori, Surami, Marneuli and Bakuriani.
The main aim of the project is: to promote young artists, help young people in being involved in social processes and activate them. Hereby we want to say thanks to the local stakeholder Manana Tarielashvili who was really excited about the activity and allowed us to draw the wall in her hotel.
We try to change the walls of our country and make it more interesting and informative! Join us! Le’ts make MasterPeaces together!


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