The winners of the “Action for Change” photo contest are known

Date Added: 10 June 2021 / 14:23

The winners of the Let’s Do It Georgia photo contest “Action for Change” are known.

I place (chosen by the organization) – Vakhtang Janjgava – photo series “Plasticberg”;

II place (people’s choice) – Eternal Malania;

III place (people’s choice) – Lizi Ghvedashvili;


As you know within the organization Let’s Do It Georgia,  a photo contest “Action for Change” (see-act-help) was held, which aimed to raise people’s awareness that each of our actions does not disappear without a trace.

Contestants were required to submit 3 photographs with the appropriate logical link. The photos should have shown:

  • Environmental crises in the world (as a problem);
  • The effective role that a people have (what does a person do to eliminate this problem?);
  • The result of the action (how we try to correct mistakes);

Let Do It Georgia thanks each participant for their participation, organization will reward the winners with pre-determined prizes and once again congratulates them on their success.


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