About organization


Caucasus Youth Nexus (acronym CAYNEX) non-profit, non-governmental organization was founded according to the Georgian Civic Code on, 17th of February 2013. 


Organizational  Vision

 The community in which young people have equal access to education and opportunities to fully realize their potential.

Organizational Mission

 By 2021-2025, our youth organizations’ mission is to create a modernized educational environment in Georgia, which correlates with the contemporary challenges and strengthens the formation of civic society.

Organizational values: 

  • Empowerment and development of youth as independent individuals;
  • The popularization of non-formal education and ensuring accessibility  among young people living in rural areas;
  • Ensuring equal opportunities despite ethnic, gender, religious, and cultural differences;
  • Supporting gender equality and women empowerment;
  • Development and actualization of digital skills;
  • Raising awareness about ecology and actualization of eco-friendly activities among youth;
  • Engaging young people in civic society processes;
  • Promotion and providing substantive support in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals by involving young people;

Slogan: Creating Opportunities 


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