7 years together

Date Added: 05 October 2020 / 13:06

“We are a generation raised on the light of the candle in the dark 90s’. And we needed a few for happiness, like: electricity, juice powder or playing hide and seek in the gloom of the streets.
These memories always are mixed with the childish sentiments, a sense of darkness and being locked.
Studying at University created a totally new dimension in our lives, it allowed us to explore new opportunities and to attend non-formal educational activities.
Our strong eagerness has been pushing us to create a better reality in the age of patronage, where you could rarely meet youngsters with western education.
That’s how we went to the International exchange programs and then established our first organization CAYNEX in 2013 to create more opportunities and empower local young people.
Once a person decides to leave his comfort zone he tends to face obstacles as a part of the journey before succeeding, we have shared the same faith.
Despite all of these whirls, since 2013 we’ve held more than 300 projects with approx. thousands of participants in different regions of Georgia.
Currently, we represent an alliance of four youth organizations: MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Regional Hub, Let’s do it – Georgia, CaYNex და Rotaract Club of Tbilisi International.
In the end of our long say, we’d like to express our gratitude towards each contributor of our projects, who supported us during these 7 years.
we keep continuing our long path towards our biggest goal creating equal opportunities for ones in need to empower local young people.


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