Conference ACT!

Date Added: 03 December 2019 / 12:54

On December 3, final conference about two projects of CaYNex and MasterPeace, Youth Reflex 2.0 and ACT”(Artists Create Together) was held at NATO and EU Info Center. The event started with discussing about Youth Reflex 2.0, the speakers talked about implemented projects, results, they also addressed the challenges and problems occurring during the projects.
During that year many institutes took part in the project: human rights department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Center of Crime Prevention, Public Advocacy, municipalities of Gori, Khashuri and Marneuli. Our organizations thanks everyone who was taking part in the project and will continue future cooperation.
The second part of Conference was discussing about ACT. Participants were introduced to the aims and directions of this project: 1.walls of Connection, 2. Digital Storytelling, 3. Music concerts, 4.Youth Summits/conferences.
The speaker spoke about implemented projects, results and obstacles. In this part of conference, role model of our organizations Mariam Dokvadze talked about the importance of Musical Concerts and shared experience gained through this project.
There was discussion about needs of Young people and future activities between project managers and participants. There were some problems detected, for example: how hard it is to share information in rural areas, lack of Informal education, youth initiatives and support for them, inactivity of self governances of municipalities, lack of motivation and interest of supporting young people from private sector. Examples of successful projects also were discussed.
In the last part if the event, representatives of Youth centers of Gori, Marneuli and Khashuri received diplomas.
Caucasus Youth Nexus and MasterPeace Georgia want to thank all volunteers, trainers, NGOs, partner organizations for this success.
In 2020, organization will actively continue its work and will implement more and more interesting projects to support youth in rural areas.


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