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Date Added: 22 August 2021 / 12:11

Let’s Do It Georgia is an environmental organization, which has been operating since 2016 and was registered as an NGO in April of 2018. We aim to remind the society how important is clean and green environment for us and for future generations. In order to achieve our goals, we plan and organize massive cleanups all across Georgia. At the same time we implement non-formal educational projects in order to increase awareness about environmental protection.

Let’s Do It Georgia is a member of an international organization Let’s Do It World and together we organize civil campaign against trash pollution. Greatest achievement for us was organizing World Cleanup Day in 2018, 2019 and 2020, because during these last three years we mobilized more than 300 leaders and 50000 volunteers, successfully cooperated with around 80 NGOs, municipalities, companies, media outlets and other stakeholders. 

In addition, Let’s Do It World organized the world’s first digital cleaning day, for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. There is one category of waste that is invisible in our homes – digital waste, for example: old files, identical images, downloaded videos, unused applications and so on.

This idea came from the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to celebrate this day by following Covid regulations, so we called on the public to change their digital lives and delete various unnecessary files from their gadgets.

Currently, the organization has an ongoing project – “არ დააგდო, აქ ჩააგდე” and “Georgia Cleanup Day”  Most smokers do not know that cigarette butts can take years to degrade, so we decided started a project, which aims to raise awareness in the society about the cigarette butt littering and its harmful effects on the environment. First stage we dedicated towards social campaign through various media outlets and on the second stage we installed “ballot bins” in Tbilisi, where individuals will answer questions or vote for their favorite films, celebrities, football teams and other subjects by dropping their cigarette butt in the designated container. This will encourage smokers to get used to the habit of dropping their cigarette remains in a bin, and not on the street. Our main goal is to introduce the anti-littering habits through a fun, engaging, competitive aspect and focus on keeping our environment clean.

In addition, this year we announced a photo contest – “Action for Change”, which aimed to raise people’s awareness that each of our actions does not disappear without a trace. We have revealed the winners of the photo contest and rewarded them with pre-determined prizes.

Also, organized by “Masterpeace” Georgia and Let`s Do It Georgia, within the framework of the Erasmus + exchange program, we implemented a project – “Let’s Save the Earth Together”. Representatives of 7 different countries – Germany, Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Armenia and Austria – visited Georgia within the framework of the event. The project involved 35 participants, who united around the topic of environment, cleaning and ecology. The aim of the project was also to share their knowledge, environmental challenges and experiences in their countries.

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