Camp-Camp 2017 in Tbilisi

Date Added: 06 November 2017 / 18:20

2-5 of November 2017, The president of NGO Caucasus Youth Nexus, Giorgi Azariashvili was attending project camp camp 2017. In Tbilisi, Georgia

Camp-Camp 2017 is an intensive, fast-paced program which brings together an international community of civic actors and creative-minded professionals from business, media, and marketing who want to use their skills for social good. By focusing on testing, experimentation, and design, Camp-Camp boosts the practical campaigning skills of civil activists to help them reach new communities and raise awareness of issues, projects, products, and services.

The goal of CampCamp is to kick-start a creative hub where ideas flourish, views evolve, barriers are removed, and new opportunities are seized.

During the boot-camp participants shared their best practices regarding their implemented best projects and activities. Additionally, boot-camp included workshops and seminars about the use of digital media and visualization, social activism and modern technologies for sharing and spreading of information.

110 participants took part in training from Eastern Europe and Central Asian states.


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