CAYNEX hosted another Erasmus + TC

Date Added: 07 July 2022 / 13:26

Another successful completion of the Erasmus+ training course “It’s time to Understand”, within which we hosted young people in Bakuriani from July 30 to August 7. Up to 30 motivated young leaders from Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, France, Italy, and Moldova gathered to work on issues of migration, human rights, self-development, and multiculturalism.

With the help of the training course and informal learning methods used during the course, participants deepened their existing knowledge about human rights and discrimination, migration analysis, intercultural dialogue, and personal development.
The project’s main goal is to promote an open dialogue among European youth around discriminatory issues, to lay the foundation for creating a culture of acceptance of different opinions, to strengthen future changemakers, and to bring them together in partnership. With the help of the training course, young people were also given the opportunity to prepare presentations and share their experiences, knowledge, and opinions with other participants.

One of the most essential components of the training course was a cultural exchange between young people and the creation of a tolerant environment.


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