Celebration of International Day of Peace and Clean Up Activity

Date Added: 23 September 2019 / 13:57

On 21st September, 2019 “MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Regional Hub” and “Caucasus Youth Nexus” celebrated an International Day of Peace and World Clean up Day.

Together with the help of local young people we cleaned the territory of Surami Railway station. We should note that lots of organizations all over the globe joined the clean up activity. Under the motto: “Let’s Clean up Georgia Together!” we united organizations and companies such as: “Caucasus Youth Nexus”, “Rotaract Club of Tbilisi International”, “MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Regional Hub”, “Let’s Do It Georgia!”, “CENN” and “Socar Georgia Petroleum”. We share the vision of creating cleaner and safer space for everyone.
After the clean up activity we painted the wall of Surami Culture House on the topic of Environmental Protection. Our artist: Ilia Dzadzamia was a young talented painter with the nickname of “WISE”. He helped us in sending a reminder message to our respective citizens that we should take care of our planet. During the painting local young people tried themselves in spray art and “WISE” taught them special tips and tricks about graffiti during the workshop.

We painted the wall of Surami Culture House in the framework of the project “ACT” which has four different directions such as: Walls of Connection, Digital Storytelling, Concerts and Conferences. Walls of Connection is concentrated on creating graffiti depended on the community needs. This way we are able to destruct social, economic or geographic barriers and help people to see the problems from a different perspective. One of the main goals of the project is to promote local young artists, activate youth and raise awareness about existing problems.

We support the UNDP sustainable development goals and its three basic interconnected elements such as: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. We are corresponding to the 11th goal: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. We try to transform existing cities into aesthetic and interesting.

We successfully cooperated with the Municipality of Khashuri. Here we can note that the Mayor of the Khashuri Municipality Mr. Giorgi Guraspashvili accompanied with other representatives attended the event.

We want to thank all the partner organizations and volunteers for their hard work and help!


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