Digital Storytelling in Khikhani

Date Added: 06 June 2019 / 18:29

On 5th of June we had another Digital Storytelling workshop, this time in Marneuli Municipality, village Khikhani!

After an introductory presentation the youngsters started their afternoon with some energizers in the Common House of Khikhani. After this, the group was split in two and several exercises were held to help the youth engage with the topic of storytelling and their personal stories specifically. After a successful afternoon most of the participants shared some, however small, part of their life with the rest of the world.

Digital storytelling is an exciting modern tool for youth to share their stories across the world. With the widespread access to the internet and social media everyone can become a storyteller in today’s day and age!

Our digital storytelling workshops are part of the larger project “Creative Twinning”, which is aimed at motivating and empowering youth so they can become active members of their society.


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