End of Youth Exchange “We Are The Change”

Date Added: 05 August 2019 / 18:45

On 2nd August, 2019 we ended an Erasmus + training course “We Are the Change” in which 25 young leaders and youth workers were taking part from 8 different countries such as: Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Russia, Poland, Italy, Spain and Greece.

The objectives of the project are as follows:
– Equipping youth workers and leaders with proper methodologies that will increase their professional capacities as for working with youth at risk
– Increasing young people’s sense of initiative and supporting them in bringing the change that suits their real needs
– Developing an distributing educational materials that will help different stakeholders understand what youth activism is and how to support it, especially in the context of young people at risk
– Creating a network of like-minded individuals and organizations ready to cooperate on further projects that aim at making European societies more cohesive and less radical.

During the training course participants had a chance to get to know Georgian culture, learn specificity of working with young children, represent organizations they are working in and share their knowledge and experience. We should note that they also had a chance to meet local young people and discuss specific topics with them.

At the end of the project participants of the training course discussed future cooperation perspectives and they came up with an idea of the project that can be implemented next year. The main topic of the training course was: social activism. We hope that the training course was fruitful for our participants and they will use their knowledge and experience in their future work field.


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