Erasmus + in Krakow

Date Added: 03 October 2021 / 12:58

Within the framework of the Erasmus + program, from September 25 – October 2, a youth project “Outdoors for Healthy Lifestyle“ was implemented in Zakopane, Poland. Along with up to 30 participants from Spain, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine and Armenia, team Georgia was represented by Nino Ghvinashvili, Ketevan Gordeziani, Giorgi Eliozashvili, Elina Ghambashidze, and Roland Gagoevi.
Using non-formal learning methods, the project aimed to expand the use of outdoor activities among youngsters who will in their turn share their experience among children and teenagers back in their communities.
In the framework of the project activities, participants also had the opportunity to visit local municipality Serce Podhala – Gmina Szaflary and sports school SMS Zakopane to receive information about existing opportunities for the youth and education system.
Project activities included yoga sessions, hiking in the mountains, photo hunting in the city, competitions among participants etc.
One of the essential components of the project was the cultural exchange between youth and promoting the diversity and tolerance as core values. In this regard, cultural evenings have been particularly noteworthy, during which the representatives of each country had the opportunity to represent their traditions, culture, music or cuisine of their country to other participants.
Caucasus Youth Nexus express its gratitude towards the organizers Szukamy Talentów and Armenian Youth League for the actively continuing cooperation.


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