Erasmus + KA2 “One Step Ahead”

Date Added: 17 March 2020 / 14:37

On 10th of March we started the last initial stage of the Erasmus + KA2 project “One Step Ahead” in Chisinau, Moldova. During the working days representatives of the participating organizations from four different countries such as: Georgia, Moldova, Poland and Sweden worked on finalizing the guidebook on social entrepreneurship and policy recommendations.
On the second day of the project we visited the local social enterprise which aims at hiring people with disabilities. We had an opportunity to see their working atmosphere, buy the products produced at the venue and have a discussion with the founder of the social enterprise. Here we should also mention that during the discussion we gained information about the current challenges people with vulnerabilities have to go through, what kind of actions must be taken in order to help them reintegrate into the society and how to offer them job opportunities through creating new social enterprises.
We want to thank participants and representatives of the partner organization “Invento” for fruitful working days!


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