Erasmus+ project – ”images that tell a story”

Date Added: 17 July 2021 / 14:28

Within the framework of the Erasmus + program, from July 5-16, a youth project “Images that tell a story” was implemented in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, in which 40 representatives from 8 different countries participated. 40 different people, with different languages and cultures were gathered in one space and despite so many differences they had one great thing in common – the love of people. Excursions were carried out within the framework of the project, during which the participants visited: Lake Sevan, Garni Temple, etc.
The participants developed skills such as learning the techniques of taking photos, processing them and focusing on details. The most important factor that led to the successful implementation of the project is the possibility of frequent
communication between the participants, both during the trainings and in their free time, with different types of activities or distribution in one space. Much attention was paid to the presentations, which allowed the representatives of each country to present the culture, nature, values of their country. Representatives of Georgia in this case were Tako Kokaia, Nutsa Bortsvadze, Guga Khvintelani, Paata Shotadze and Keti Tsatsiashvili. The project allowed us to prepare traditional food, which we shared with representatives of other countries. Eventually it can be said that Erasmus turned out to be both the best project for deepening knowledge, as well as the best way to create a general image of other countries, make new friends and accumulate lots of good memories.
In the name of Caucasus Youth Nexus we would like to thank our partners for organizing the project and actively continuing cooperation under the frame of Erasmus + Program.


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