Erasmus + training courses in Armenia

Date Added: 25 March 2016 / 17:29

The delegation of Caucasus Youth Nexus attended youth educational training course in Aghveran, Armenia during 12-20th of March, 2016. The number of participants was 24, from 12 different countries.  The event was organized by ICIRLD and was aiming to give youth workers high competences in facilitating experience based on democracy education activities, its values and directly spread ideas among them. It’s noteworthy to mention the method that was applied in order to create a healthy environment among members to express their opinions or attitudes related to the topic. The above mentioned method is called “Betzavta” and includes cognitive analysis of existing knowledge and is also verifying various characteristics and attitudes that may arise in case of dissent opinions during the cooperation.

 Caucasus Youth Nexus  would like to thank  to “ICIRLD” for 3 year cooperation.


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