Erasmus + Training courses “Sharing Stories, Building Bridges”

Date Added: 14 December 2017 / 16:09

3-12 December, 2017, Caucasus Youth Nexus , MasterPeace Georgia and Danish group “Applab” organized Erasmus+ Training Course “Sharing Stories, Building Bridges”. The project was supported by European Commission’s Erasmus+ program. The main goal of the project was to teach young leaders how to promote intercultural dialogue through digital means of expressions, with a special focus on digital storytelling. This methodology is widely used in different European countries, in order to enhance inclusion of vulnerable groups of youngsters and give them the opportunity to speak up and share their challenges and problems publicly. Totally 26 young leaders from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Armenia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Denmark and Georgia participated in this training course.
The first day of the project was dedicated to get know to each other activities, ice-breaking and team building activities, exercises about the importance of communication with the local population. Next days participants had the opportunity to acquire skills and competencies regarding the methodology of digital storytelling and its components such as script writing, voice recording, working with visual, and using open source software to create short digital stories. In the second part of the project, they went through sessions preparing them to become digital storytelling facilitators back in their home communities.
During the project, participants had an opportunity to visit Akhaltsikhe, visit Rabati Castle and explore local culture and history. Hosting organization offers its gratitude to informal group “Applab” from Denmark and plans to cooperate with them in future with different projects and activities.
“Caynex” and “Masterpiece” is thankful to Danish Informal group “Applab” and continues future partnership!.


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