Erasmus + youth exchange “cultural Artgene”

Date Added: 28 July 2017 / 15:51

17-25th of July 2017 Caucasus Youth Nexus and MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia regional hub  organized  Youth exchange project “Cultural Art Gene”. Project was supported by Erasmus + program. The main idea of the project was to share cultures, traditions, history, and language through the non-formal education among young people from different countries. In the framework of the project, Georgia was visited by 35 youngsters from Germany, Austria, Turkey, Netherlands, Armenia and Ukraine.
During the youth exchange project “Cultural Art-Gene”, various thematic activities were implemented. participants talked about Erasmus + and its role in the formation of youth awareness. In addition, participants also had a discussion about the diversity of cultures and the importance of their mutual understanding. In the final part, they shared their opinions about experiences they gained during the project. The nine-day international project ended with an official closing ceremony. Every participant was given youth passes.
Organizers offer their gratitude to every participating organizations for cooperation and continue to work on future projects with them.


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