For Kids!

Date Added: 17 April 2020 / 14:50

Every day we receive the information about parents, who cannot provide food and necessary products to their children due to the current circumstances in the country. Your engagement at this stage is critically important.

It’s already been a week since we voluntarily started the charity campaign “For Kids”. Since then numerous families contacted us and they need our help.

We created a FB group, where we post concrete information about each beneficiary.

In order to help more people, please invite your friends to this group.

For the same reason we also created this event:

So how can you help?

1. First of all, In case you want to make your contributions to this charity, you can donate money to the following bank account GE48BG0000000583045800. Receiver is – Mariam Jugeli. Please indicate in the description of the transfer: Charity.

In order to ensure trust and transparency, all donors’ last names, donations and transfer dates will be made public in an excel form. If you want to stay unanimous, please message us in advance.

2. You can also help us by spreading this information. Invite your friends to the group, like, comment and share our posts. Each kind of your engagement is important, because if more activity is detected on our posts, Facebook will show it to more people.

Each child deserves to live in the world, where they have the opportunity to develop their full potential. Due to the current situation in the country a lot of children don’t even have access to food and sanitary products.

These children need our support. Join us!


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