Happy New Year

Date Added: 01 January 2021 / 20:19

   2020 will probably be remembered by all of us for its challenges and surprises.
   During this year we have carried out a number of projects in pandemic conditions and the strength of this has always been given to us by the young people who fill us with great enthusiasm and positive emotions.
  Thank you and thank you 2020 for the exciting experiences.
  But now, ho, ho, ho the day has come when we can say 2020 is over!
  Our team with great joy and good wishes congratulates the arrival of the new 2021, which we believe is a broadcaster of new challenges and exciting projects.
   We will continue to create more opportunities for you over the next year, most importantly, with new energy, new attitudes, and the usual belief that all young people deserve equal, quality, and diverse education.


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