Intercultural dialogue and presentation of The center for foreign students right protection and integration

Date Added: 28 September 2015 / 16:01

21st of September, 2015 in the Center of Foreign Students rights protection and integration hosted annual international day of peace celebration together with Georgian and Foreign students. Intercultural dialogue, creating peace poster, creating international peace document. Participants were represented from Iraq, Iran, India, Sri-Lanka and Guiana. Discussions about culture. traditions, national holidays and other civil-society related topics took place. The main idea of the event was to integrate Georgian and foreign youth through intercultural dialogue, to increase level of intercultural awareness among Georgian youth. After the intercultural dialogue participants, divided into two groups created international peace poster, where they draw peace related paintings, phrases and etc. Moreover they conducted one year acting plan regarding the involvement of young people into different peace-building and educational activities, that in the end were undersigned by all the participants of the event. Conclusion of the day was a movie screening named ‘’Music Above Fighting’’ continued by group discussions around the topic.


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