KA3 Conference in the Hague

Date Added: 20 May 2019 / 10:53

In the meanwhile of KA3 Erasmus+ Project, on 5-10th of May, Non-Governmental organization Caynex attended the conference in the Hague, where with 7 European countries, they discussed the most up to date topics – Youth involvement in democratic institutions and their influence on society.

The main objectives of the project were:
• Increasing youth involvement in democratic institutions
• Raising the awareness
• Aiming on real plans in order to support the inclusion
• Making connections between non-governmental and governmental organizations
• Finding international partnerships
• Orienting on hot topics and aiming on solutions

During the project, Georgian delegation with the foreign partners visited the parliament of the Netherlands, where both sides were introduced to the governmental system of the Netherlands and met up with their representatives. Throughout the visit, groups exchanged their ideas about inclusion, compared their country’s arrangements and discussed increasing the involvement processes in everyday life basis.

During the conference, members of Caynex met up with the Ukrainian and Armenian ambassadors in the Netherlands and debated about
positive connections between countries, and the ways to motivate and support youth involvement in democratic institutions.
KA3 project underlined the significant importance of cooperation between these 7 countries. All of the NGOs presented their members, leaders and policy makers, who gathered together to put the light on the real plans for resolution of issues of new and current generations and oriented on boosting the participation of young people.
Basis of project was actively lead and supervised by the Georgian policy maker, who monitored the conference, supported positive communications between the project members and discussions about strategies. Besides, government representative of Georgia talked about the ways of expanding each country’s welfare system and finding best opportunities for youth to become socially aware.
In conclusion of the conference, each participant country presented the report created with the international partners, which is intended to be achieved in the future throughout the work process with the young people.
Report includes recommendations and the collection of individual and general approaches for 7 participant countries, which will be navigated on young social class’s inclusion and active contribution to the resolution of the complications concerning democratic institutions.
Caynex has successfully completed KA3 conference in Hague and aspires to continue expanding the partnership with the participant countries and targeting on mutual future plans. Caynex would like to express their honor, thanks and respect to the successfully organized event by WEST-EAST BRIDGES.


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