Let’s Do It World Conference

Date Added: 29 January 2020 / 18:22

During 22-26 January president of our organization attended Let’s Do It World Conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

Let’s Do It leaders from more than 180 countries were invited to the conference, who shared their experience, best practices, met the most inspirational people and planned World Cleanup Day 2020 together.

Let’s Do It World is the fastest growing civil movement. It only started 12 years ago, however it already unites more than 22 million volunteers all over the world. Despite the distance and time difference between each other, Let’s Do It is a huge family, where we support each other and work tirelessly towards the same goals.

With newly regained energy, motivation and inspiration, in Let’s Do It Georgia we are ready to start working on the plans for 2020.

Our success is the achievement of each of our volunteers, therefore we would like to thank you all, who contributed to the World Cleanup Day 2019 and became part of this community.


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