Luka Turkadze about our project on digital storytelling

Date Added: 27 August 2019 / 17:07

What if you could spend a week of your summer learning to make a huge difference in the world, while also meeting amazing like-minded people, finding your voice, and having a fun time all at once?
I think, all these happened to me while being in Bakuriani learning Digital Storytelling.

21th century is a revolutionary with its development, especially, in technology. Almost everyone have our own phones, cameras, laptops or etc. We can easily take shots or videos with only a single click. But is it that easy to tell our story with them? – I think, no…
That’s what I learned during the camp in Bakuriani – To how to tell a story with pictures, videos, paintings and make it so much interesting that everyone watches it excitedly, emotionally… Some may cry or laugh… Some may find himself/herself in your story… That’s why I like digital storytelling. It is very emotional when you see someone’s story that changed their lives, made them strong, bold, made them realise their weaknesses and in the end made them become a new person, who is ready to go through life’s journey without fears, but full of excitement…

I spent only one week in Bakuriani with my new friends and coordinators but I had a feeling that I had known them before, many many years, because it was a very special week full of challenging things.
I learned how important it is to share your story with other people and enjoy it at the same time.

To sum up, every day that I spent in Bakuriani was amazing. I had a contact with foreign people and had a chance to talk and share stories in english, which was quite challenging to me. To be honest, I had some fears when going to the camp, but everything went well, I made my own video successfully and became more self-confident. I would love to thank everyone who made this project for us, because this kind of projects make people much-awared in every aspect.
This one week was the most unforgettable week of my life…

Thank you for your contribution, Luka Turkadze!


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