Luuk Jungerling about TC “Mind Full, Stress Less”

Date Added: 30 May 2022 / 13:39

My experience with the Social and Emotional Learning project in Bakurani, Georgia.

It is an early evening with many unknown faces, all are tired. After a journey starting in more than 10 different countries, our group is collected for a final bus trip to the silent ski village of Bakuriani. We are taken through the beautiful scenery of Georgia, always climbing, with mountain, forest, and river guiding our way. We arrive at our hotel at eleven and after some pleasantries and easy conversation I decide it is time for bed. For the next 10 days our group will take a dive into a project exploring the potential of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). During the sessions, evenings, and excursion I will come to know my fellow participants, and it does not take long before I regard them as dear comrades. Of course, our bound is strengthened during parties, exploration of Bakurani and late-night talks but our project further pushes us to show our inner-self and share them around the ever-present circle of stools. 

Lead by our proud leaders Tako (Tamar Tsatskrialashvi) and Richboii (Richard Posthumus) we explore our personal feelings and how we move through the ever-changing worlds we live in. This exploration and group discussions are made more intriguing by our differences in cultural and geographical background, making for exhilarating conversations. Especially topics such as Empathy, Decision-making and Self-management have impacted my personal growth and eternal journey to become a better, more balanced person. For this I need to thank my trainers and the whole group in being open to share their own opinions and respectful enough to consider those of others. To summarize my experience in this project I would say it was a great exercise in self-reflection with a great opportunity to meet and learn from people of different countries. Many have touched me during our time and all I hope to meet in some future endeavors. Kind regards and best wishes, Luuk jungerling.

A few photos to illustrate some parts of the project:


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