Maria Chudy about TC “Mind Full, Stress Less”

Date Added: 30 May 2022 / 13:43

When I saw the information about the Erasmus+ project “Mind Full, Stress Less” in Georgia, I immediately knew it’s something for me! Without hesitation, I filled in the application form. I was incredibly happy when a few days later I got a message that I got accepted.

My trip from France to Georgia was very long. Normally, I travel a lot, but in this part of the world, I had never been before. When I arrived to Tbilisi, I already felt a completely different vibe than in other European countries. I thought it would be an unforgettable time and spoiler- it was true!

During the first day, we got a roommate from different country. I was in a room with a Georgian girl and I learned a lot from her about this country. 

The next day, we tried to remember names of all 26 participants through many games (it was not easy, because names are completely different than in my country). The next day we already started working on the “Social and Emotional Learning” (SEL), and its’ competences were introduced by trainers on each following day. Every day we had four blocks of sessions, separated by breaks for meals and coffee. During the sessions, the trainers gave us tasks, which we mostly completed in groups, and then we summarized them all together in a discussion. 

The most important thing I learnt during the project was teamwork, I also learnt more about myself and how important it is to change the way we do education. I experienced on myself that SEL is the future for the whole world.

Moreover, by conversing with the participants I learned a lot about other countries. I learned about music, food and national dances. 

On the last day of the project we went to Vardzia Cave Monastery and Rabati Castle and in the evening we went for typical Georgian dinner, where we spent a nice time with locals. 

The project in Georgia was my first and for sure not my last one! I’m already looking for another opportunity to go abroad and I sincerely recommend Erasmus+ to all young people (and not only) who want to improve their skills in various areas, improve their language and cultural knowledge.

Maria Chudy


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