MASTERPEACE global boot camp 2018 in Columbia

Date Added: 20 October 2018 / 15:59

6-13 October, 2018, delegation of MasterPeace Georgia attended 7th Global Boot-Camp of MasterPeace in Medellin, Colombia. 40 young leaders of MasterPeace clubs from all over the world, Asia, Africa, Europe, Central and South America attended the meeting. MasterPeace Global-boot camps are annual events and every year one of the clubs hosts it. In 2016, MasterPeace Georgia organized one of the memorable global boot camps. MasterPeace focuses on enhancing cooperation among clubs, achieving high level of sustainability and promote cooperation between civil society organizations and business sector. This year MasterPeace club of Medellin, Colombia hosted the global boot-camp. “Medellín was everything we dreamt of and more: the city was a mix of culture, creativity and peace-building! It made headlines during the past few years for its transformational story, growing from the world’s most dangerous city to an award-winning example of positivity, creativity and innovation. From small alleys to big conference rooms, passing walls of hope and art, we completed an amazing journey of five days as one team. We went through all the uphills and deep valleys of what this city and its experts had to offer”
MasterPeace team visited different areas of the city, had a meetings with external speakers and local population, where they discussed issues and challenges that population faces in Medellin, through sharing best practices of city transformation.
Local Social projects:
• Union Latina: An art school offering dance, music & theatre studies for developing empathy, solidarity, life skills and commitment in a vulnerable community.
• La Loma: Cultural center in a conflict-ridden, but transformed neighborhood
• Mangle: “artherapy” and empowerment of the youth through capoeira, dance and martial arts
• SíHembra: Empowering woman from vulnerable communities, equipping them with confidence and self-awareness
• Dharti Yoga: Using yoga to treat post-trauma victims from the Colombian conflict
• Sueños de Papel: A library for promoting education, human rights and art, but most importantly, to build a peaceful community in the violent neighborhood of La Cruz
• Deditos Verdes: Promoting the importance of life through nature, planting trees and and edible plants at the cities (Huertas Urbanas)

During the boot-camps club leaders had opportunity to facilitate workshops regarding the fund-raising, grants, project writing, social entrepreneurship, best practices in local levels, cooperation between civil society and business sector.
MasterPeace Georgia offers its gratitude to MasterPeace club of Medellin, and continues cooperation for the future activities.



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