Masu Mtsariashvili about our project on digital storytelling

Date Added: 27 August 2019 / 17:03

Bakuriani’s 6 days is probably an experience I will never forget because I would never have imagined that in such a small time so much would change in me. In addition, to learning the basics of digital storytelling, video editing and scriptwriting, I’ve learned to share my story, express my opinion in the community, and work with the group. Over 6 days, I met many people from different regions with different stories. It seems like 6 days is a very little time for becoming friends with someone and love them, but for me, these days were enough to get in touch with many people and remain friends even after the project. It was my first time in this kind of workshop, I have been on various types of projects before but never far away from home and with strangers. I was a little nervous about the project as it was my first step as an independent person. However, from the very first day I found myself in the best place, there was created an environment where I was not ashamed to express my opinion freely and I felt that everyone respected me. Everyone was interested in each other’s history, and with our experiences or by telling our stories we wanted to help each other or tell our story just to feel free. Different people had different stories, some liked their stories, some didn’t. Some were proud of it, some were feverish, but all stories were interesting and unforgettable. All of us felt that each of our words were important and it motivated us to make our best. I liked a lot about this workshop but probably, most of all I like that now I have the courage and the willingness to share my story and my thoughts with others. I was very impressed by every mentor as well as the participants, and their feedback and support after the video screening probably doubled the faith I needed so much. I realized that every person has a story that they want to share and that story will be interesting and sensitive for everyone. Bakuriani’s six days will probably be an unforgettable memory of my life, as I have acquired a wealth of experience and special skills there to help me share my knowledge with others and help them share their stories too.

A huge thanks to Masu Mtsariashvili for sharing her experience!


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