New project “Intercultural Digital EuroCaravan” was launched

Date Added: 25 August 2021 / 16:44

On August 23, a new project “Intercultural Digital EuroCaravan” was launched in our organization, in which 11 youngsters from different regions of Georgia are participating.
The Intercultural Digital EuroCaravan is a creative approach to the current Covid-19 crisis. In its essence, there is the idea of using culture as a medium, a tool for social cohesion, for co-creating and strengthening solidarity among young Europeans. By sharing inspiring stories and histories, best practices and expertise in times of crisis we hope to strengthen the European spirit of the common good and uplift the virtue of hope in some of the most vulnerable communities. The themes of identity, dialogue and cooperation will be cantered around our common values and markers to catalyze cooperation and partnership. Joint social media campaigns created by participants will reflect the idea of unity and intercultural dialogue as a tool to strengthen cohesion and cooperation.
This project is led by Libertas Center for interreligious dialogue/Центр діалогу Лібертас of Religion and Society (Ukraine), Jubuk (Germany) and CaYneX (Georgia).
The Intercultural Digital EuroCaravan is an initiative that has as its aim to strengthen cultural and spiritual ties within European countries as well as to help people learn, share and create together.
In total, the project involves 30 young people from Germany, Georgia, and Ukraine, and together we will conduct 8 online educational trainings/seminars.


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