Nino Koshoridze about our project on digital storytelling

Date Added: 27 August 2019 / 17:02

From August 5-11 I participated in a project called ,,storytelling”. Where also took a part youths from Georgia and Sweden. During this project I remained some recollections and started thinking about how to became a person like who am I now. Also, after a different workshops and training I made a video about my story, which was very interesting and exciting process for me. I shared my stories to other participants and they did the same to me. One of my favorite process was when I montaged my video. In spite of the fears about how would be my voice, if I could be able to collect suitable pictures and videos for it or if the other participants would like my story. Finally, everything finished very positively and emotionally. With the great experience I made some amazing and interesting friends, with whom I already have a nice memories.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Nino Koshoridze!


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