Online training of Intercultural Digital Eurocaravan

Date Added: 23 September 2021 / 17:27

On September 22, another online training course was held as a part of the Intercultural Digital EuroCaravan project, the online course was led by Australian digital marketer kosta Lucas. The main topics of the training were social media management, campaign planning and proper communication with the audience.
In addition, the participants submitted their first works and received relevant tips on how to plan and implement a successful online, digital campaign.
This project is led by Libertas Center for interreligious dialogue/Центр діалогу Лібертас of Religion and Society (Ukraine), Jubuk (Germany) and CaYneX (Georgia).
In total, the project involves 30 young people from Germany, Georgia, and Ukraine, Who will attend 5 more educational online trainings / seminars. At the same time, all participants are working on various digital campaigns, which will be presented very soon through our social media channels.
The project is supported by EVZ Foundation.


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