Xhesika & Samir about our project “Open Your Mind”

Date Added: 06 April 2022 / 14:35

We  first met  at the airport and we were like strangers to each other. We were both flying from Germany  to Georgia. The first day we spent  all together and explored the beautiful city of Tbilisi. We were all so happy to be together and we had such an amazing connection with each other even though we never met before. The time we spent exploring the city together went so fast because we really enjoyed it and shared a lot of our further experiences with each other. For me it was very important to know more about Erasmus projects, because this one was my very  first one. They made me feel secure  that everything would be go as planned and that  we would have a lot of fun together. I think that the fact that we have a lot on common and we are going through the same path in life such as studying abroad and so on , made us understand  each other more and connect immediately. When we arrived at the hotel we also met the other participants which were also strangers to us and we were wondering how to get in contact with them and what to ask them so that we could connect. Our wondering was meaningless because the organizers had everything planned for us. Some very interesting tasks so that we could know each other more and we really did get a lot from the other people since the first day. Their stories, mindset and point of view made us understand how  diverse we are and the same time  also very similar , even though we live in different countries and have different cultures. The tasks we did about the emotional Intelligence were so good and it was like a therapy for us. As we did the tasks we were able to understand more our feelings, thoughts, actions and everything else that make us people. As we shared our emotions , thoughts and strategies to act better , we got closer and it felt as if we knew each other for a very long time. The fact that everyone  takes part at the discussion makes us feel more comfortable to share our stories and thoughts , which is something we had a lot of difficulties with. The organization of the project was so good that no one was left out , and every topic which has to do with emotional intelligence was mentioned and well discussed. After this 8-day experience we all agree that as we will go back to our homes , we will go as some people who feel stronger , have a higher self-esteem, know how to communicate better , how to listen and understand the others  and the most important one we do love ourselves more. Before, we were afraid to communicate with others with the concern of being unacceptable but after this project and programs provided by the organization, we discovered that it is very simple and that we must always take another step , no matter how small it is. 

 Now that we are writing this , is our last day here and we are all feeling really emotional and sad that this is all going to be over. We won’t give good morning hugs to those people anymore , our coffee breaks won’t be the same but still we feel thankful to the ones who organized this project and we feel inspired to continue our life as better people who now know something more . 

-Xhesika & Samir <3


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