Hurriyya Guluzada about our project “Open Your Mind”

Date Added: 06 April 2022 / 14:52

First of all, I’m so glad to participate in this project and meet incredible people, I love all of them. In Bakuriani I spent a wonderful time that I can never forget. Thanks to this project I had been abroad for the first time. I received a lot of international friends from different countries, as well as I learned many new things. If you ask me what did you learn from this project? I would say that actually all of the activities that are organized for us created an excellent opportunity to think much about ourselves and these helped me get to know myself better and express my feelings and emotions clearly. During 8 days, participants from each country demonstrated interesting workshops and among them, I loved so much the Croatian team.  I had fun during energizers. I believe that I will utilize what I have learned here and the experiences I have gained in both my personal and professional life.



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