Dea Darchia about our project “Open Your Mind”

Date Added: 06 April 2022 / 14:58

It’s been more than a week since this project started and for me it’s like a century – century full of fun, drama, inspiration, experience, development and growth.

The most important thing this project gave me is people – people from different cultures, with different stories, attitudes and characteristics. When I look at them – how funny, clever, free-spirited, friendly and AMAZING they are, I think more and more about myself, my personality and observe how unique can be each of us.

I had many expectations about this project, about these people and experience these days would give me, but this is beyond my expectations – I’m sure I’ve already become more emotionally mature, more communicative, now I’m not afraid of taking initiative and I’ve reached my goal – now I’m emotionally intelligent!

I’m proud to say that my first Erasmus+ experience was unforgettable! 


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