Our team met representatives of Tetritskaro

Date Added: 24 January 2022 / 14:02

Good Monday  dear friends. On the first day of the week we would like to share with you one of the first successful steps of our project (One Step Ahead).

You may remember from previous posts that we are launching a project in Tetritskaro and Marneuli region aimed at promoting youth self-employment and economic empowerment in their community through education, social entrepreneurship and youth activism.

Accordingly, on Friday, January 21, we met with representatives of the Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs Service of Tetritskaro Municipality, with whom we talked about the project and set future goals for joint cooperation.

Also on January 21, we had a remote meeting with Lucine Dostibegiani, Chairperson of the Tetritskaro Youth Center, Nino Tikishvili, Executive Director of the Tetritskaro Local Development Group, and various active leaders living in Tetritskaro Municipality.

During the meeting we talked about the activities planned during One Step Ahead and the benefits of being involved in the project.

We would like to thank each of the participants in the meeting and the Estonian Development Cooperation Agency, which supports the project.


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