Presentation of research results and training courses in Gori

Date Added: 07 July 2017 / 21:23

7th of July, 2017, in Gori, “Gori State Teaching University”, Caucasus Youth Nexus and MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia regional hub provided series of training courses for local young leaders, school children and students. Topics of the training course were: Human rights, rule of law and youth, youth activism and advocacy, basics of the social entrepreneurship.
20 youth leaders from different schools attended the event, methods used during the training course was non-formal educational methods, such as groups works, workshops and presentations. Main aim of the training course was to share results of the research, problems of youth in municipalities and finally to teach youth how to address and overcome existing problems and challenges locally, through education, activism and active citizenship, which will lead them to developed and democratic civil society in the municipality.
All the participants of the training were provided with certificates and info-graphics regarding the results of the research. Event were attended by representatives of local university self-government and Head of youth affairs of Gori municipality department of youth affairs
Organizers offer their gratitude to Gori Municipality self-government for their support in organizing training course and information meeting.


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