The registration of leaders has started for World Cleanup Day 2021

Date Added: 18 August 2021 / 18:25

Are you ready to become a participant in the largest and global eco-event?
Are you interested how we can clean up the whole world in a pandemic?

At the link you can register and become one of the leaders of the World Cleanup Day, which is joined by millions of volunteers from 180 countries, including Georgia.

Cleaning events will be held on September 18, 2021 in all regions of Georgia.

Who are the leaders? And what should they do?

The leaders are people from different regions of Georgia, who will organize small working groups on September 18.


-Form a working group. (Maximum number of 5-6 volunteers)
-Find a place that needs cleaning;
-Take photos during the work process;
-Contact to the local municipality and act in concert, with their help dump garbage;
-Find the necessary materials (gloves, towels, garbage bags). If you can’t, we will send you;
-Count how many kilograms of waste were collected;
-Send pictures and results to Let`s Do It Georgia office;

A leader can be all. People of any age, from any part of Georgia.

How to follow Covid rules:
-On September 1, all registered leaders will be sent an action plan and safety rules that must be followed;
-There should be a maximum of 5-6 people in the group;
-Participants must wear masks and gloves;
-It is essential that participants keep their distance from each other;
Deadline for filling out the registration form: ️ ️ August 31‼ ️

without creating a group, you can also individually clean up any area and send us a picture to share your result.

The pictures you submit will be collected and posted on our page as separate albums.

All the leaders of the world cleaning day will be awarded with an online Certificate of Appreciation.

You can watch 2018-2019 clean up day videos to the following links:

More information about World Cleanup Day:

If you have any questions, please contact us:



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