Rotaract working meeting and presentation

Date Added: 20 July 2018 / 13:29

18th of July 2018, “Rotaract Club of Tbilisi International” co-creation with “MasterPeace Georgia” organized meeting with Mr. Bashar Asfour, Deputy District Governor 2017/2018 Jordan and Palestine.

During the meeting Mr. Bashar delivered the presentation about importance of Rotaract club and its young leaders, as they are future of Rotary. Importance of skills and competences of those young leaders on the way of development of strong civil society, young leaders who are developing innovative solutions to the World’s most pressing challenges encourages high ethical standards in business and promotes international peace and understanding.

Second half of the meetings was dedicated to topics such as: Civil activism, environment protection and peace-building. Mr. Bashar shared best practices of the other Rotaract clubs from district and all over the world.
In addition, presentation about international grants and scholarships for formal and non-formal education was delivered for young leaders.

Finally, audience had opportunity to ask more questions regarding the presentation’s topics, thus, meeting was finished by question and answer session.



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