Social Entrepreneurship Competition for Youngsters at Kaspi Municipality

Date Added: 23 July 2019 / 12:36

On the 19th of July, we started new project “Social Entrepreneurship Competition for Youngsters at Kaspi Municipality”. The aim of the competition is to raise awareness about Social Entrepreneurship and encourage youngsters to start their own Social Enterprises.

For the best outcome of the project we are partnering with Kaspi Municipality City Hall and at the end of the project winner team of youngsters will receive 5000Gel start-up grant to start their own social enterprise.

On the first stage for youngsters were held trainings about social entrepreneurship and general business administration. The second stage will be held on the 25-26 July and will be dedicated to the business planning and introduction of business canvas model. After this independent Jury will select one the best Idea That will get the grant.

The competition is implemeted under the project “One step Ahead”, that aims to promote social entrepreneurship as a way to empower young people with fewer opportunities and protecting them from permanent social exclusion and unemployment.

Our team expresses gratitude to the Kaspi Municipality City Hall for successful cooperation. Also to the Kaspi Municipality Mayor Manuchar Merebashvili and the head of sports service, education and culture Tea Khorbaladze for their support.


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