Social Entrepreneurship Summit

Date Added: 12 February 2021 / 22:45

MasterPeace through its ACT program organize 2 webinars including a worksheet for entrepreneurs.

Friday 19 -2 15.00-16.30 hours;
Friday 5-3 1500-1630 hours;
homework 1.5 hours;

Need for registration!
Max 100 participants; (when interest we will have a next one)

Target group: Creative Twinning countries and their networks
as a finale of the summits as all GMM s shows, there is interest in starting E’s for building perspective.

We will upfront send info on models and questions as a workbook.

Title: Social Entrepreneur is passion x skills

Aart Bos ( will share his best practices on how to run a successful social enterprise.

1) My role in life as a person, as a Professional in society- our Planet (3 P’s_
2) the flow compass as a metaphor being an inspirational leader versus a controlling manager
3) new ways of strategy development; from SWOT (strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats to SOAR (Strength, Opportunities, Aspiration, and Passion)
3) Tips based on failures and best practices to start a successful Social Enterprise


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