Study Visit under the framework of the Erasmus + KA2 project “One Step Ahead”

Date Added: 29 January 2020 / 17:11

Social Entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular in Europe and in the whole world. We can say that Poland is one of the best Examples of this.

On the 18-22th January we visited Warsaw with our partners for the Study Visit under the framework of the Erasmus + KA2 project “One Step Ahead”. Our partner from Poland, Fundacja Autokreacja, hosted us.

In total we visited seven Sorcial Enterprises in Warsaw. They all work in different field but all of them serve one purpose to change the world to better place to live. We also visited state bank to find out how the government is promoting and supporting social economy.

Here are a few wxamples:
Dancing Międzypokoleniowy is a social enterprise that is using creative approaches to fight against age stereotypes among society. They are organising different events with participation of young and old generation. They are doing it in the very loved place for locals, where 84 years old DJ might lead the evening. It’s really inspiring. Besides the music nights, it’s also an agency which is trying to find job opportunities for aged people.

Kuchnia Konfliktu is a place where people from the conflict zones arould the globe are finding safe environment and employment opportunities. Restaurant is owned by the Foundation that’s helping refugees to find jobs and living spaces. Also helping them to integrate in the society.

Kuchnia Czerwony Rower is also social café employing homeless people and the people who are not competitive on the job market because of some reasons. Next to the café is co-working space where beneficiaries are trained in different fields of craftsmanship. On the top floors of the building are living spaces for homeless people.

Many thanks to Fundacja Autokreacja, Kasia Luczak and Aleksandra Piłat for organizing study visit.
Project partners are: CaYNex (Georgia), Fundacja Autokreacja (Poland), INVENTO (Moldova), Youth Power (Sweden)

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