Tbilisi Park Fest

Date Added: 17 October 2019 / 14:25

On the 13th of October under the project ACT (Artists Create Together) Caucasus Youth Nexus co-organized wonderful Festival “Tbilisi Park Fest”. To the guests of the festival we offered a few diverse workshops on different Topics.

Firstly, we started with a quiz about ecology and peace. The kids were super enthusiastic to answer the questions correctly and won the prizes, branded materials of ACT.

Then we continued with more creative part. We introduced the concept of Participatory Art to the participants, after this we divided them into two groups, to make two big collages. The topic of the collage was “Me & My Friends”.

At the same time, on the Graffiti Georgia corner our painter opened the bag of dyes and started drawing. More and more people were attracted with the masterclass and then they also participated in coloring. Finally, two beautiful graffities were made together with them.

In the evening, on the festival stage our singer was performing song covers for the guests. Then she also joined our tables and made small workshop about music and art and then performed a few songs with the kids.

The last workshop of the day was about art and handmaking and was lead by our winners of the social entrepreneurship competition “GMT Crafts”. Participants with different ages were making their own handcrafts for themselves or for their close people. In total around 150 people participated in all workshops and the age was between 8-25.

Caucasus youth Nexus expresses gratitude to the Funday Entertainment and other seven organizations for successful cooperation and we hope that we will organize more and more interesting events together in the future.


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