The Center for Foreign Students Rights Protection and Integration


The Center for Foreign Students’ Rights Protection and Integration’ provides support and consultation free of charge to every foreign student who studies in Georgia.

Aims of the project:

  • Legal consultation and support for foreign students;
  • Providing respective information for foreign students
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue between Georgian and foreign students
  • Increasing level of intercultural awareness among Georgian youth
  • Prevention of possible conflicts and disputes among Georgian and foreign students through educational activities

‘’Center for Foreign Students Protection and Integration’’ is oriented on protection rights of foreign students studying in Georgian universities. Main objectives of the Center are to reveal cases of human rights violation, prevention of possible conflicts and disputes via increasing level of intercultural awareness, providing foreign students with respective information and promote dialogue between Georgian and foreign youth through educational activities and initiatives. Center provides legal consultation for foreign students and connects them with qualified lawyers.

Center will co-operate with various Georgian Universities and will help solving out problems related to VISA and permit of residence in Georgia.

During the next year our organization plan to conduct approximately 78 activities, that aims to increase intercultural awareness, prevention of conflicts and disputes, promotion of intercultural dialogue among Georgian and foreign students.

Project is organized by non-governmental organization ‘’Caucasus Youth Nexus’’, financial support is provided by fund  ‘’Open Society Georgia’’.


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