Training Course Erasmus+ Dismantle Disinformation

Date Added: 10 September 2019 / 16:04

2019, September 9th we started Erasmus+ Training Course “Dismantle Disinformation” in cooperation with Creative Twinning – ACT project in Bakuriani, Georgia. The project brought together 26 participants from 8 countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine.
Aims of this project are:
• Equipping Youth workers with tools and methods that will help them raise young people’s media literacy, their knowledge on propaganda and the existence and use of single story narratives and challenging stereotypes having their sources in disinformation
• Strengthening the cooperation between EU and Eastern Partnership, youth workers and creating network of activists ready to implement cross-European projects using non-formal education methods to prevent hate speech, stereotypes and discrimination.
• Promoting young people’s activism and preventing their violent radicalization by developing follow-up projects on media literacy across Europe.
We started the first day by opening the project, name games and ice-breakers, which helped participants to come out of their comfort zones and break down barriers between each other. During team building activities and group presentations, they had an opportunity to connect with newly-made friends and together they will explore importance of social media, fake news, online data security, cyber-bullying and etc. Project is organized by MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia regional hub, Caucasus Youth Nexus and Closer Europe Institute.


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