Training Course in Marneuli Municipality

Date Added: 15 September 2022 / 15:58

On September 13, under the organization of the “Darchi” initiative, training was held in the 2nd public school of Marneuli, which was carried out within the scope of the “One Step Ahead” project. The students of the same school attended the training, the theme of the activity was: introducing the “Darchi” initiative to young people; social entrepreneurship; skills needed for leadership; Acquaintance with existing youth opportunities. The participants were also given various types of teamwork on social entrepreneurship and leadership. All young people were given certificates for the “Stay” initiative.
The project was implemented with the support of the Estonian Development Agency (ESTDEV) and the involvement of EVZ Young. Our organization thanks the 2nd public school of Marneuli and the students of the school for their cooperation.


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