Training course in Marneuli

Date Added: 11 May 2019 / 14:22

On the 10th of June, under the project “One Step Ahead” and “Youth Reflex 2.0”, training courses were held for local students at the Marneuli Municipality City Hall. In total 25 students attended the trainings.

The subjects of the trainings were as follows:
• Introducing the project “One Step Ahead”
• Social Entrepreneurship and youth involvement in this field
• Introducing information about “Erasmus +” and the “European Solidarity Corps
• Introducing the mobile application SAVER and its aims
• Human Rights
• Violence and its causes

The aims of the project “Youth Reflex 2.0” are: 1) to solve soft drug related crime and domestic violence by providing basic knowledge about law and civil activism to the youth, 2) to restore/strengthen trust and Communication among youth and the Police authorities

The aim ot the project “One Step Ahead” is to promote social entrepreneurship as a way to empower young people with fewer opportunities and protecting them from permanent social exclusion and unemployment.
One of the aims of the meeting was to inform participants about youth projects and to motivate them to be involved in informal education.
Our team expresses gratitude to the Marneuli Municipality City Hall for successful cooperation.


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