Training “education for better future” in municipality of Gori

Date Added: 20 March 2016 / 13:51

19th of March 2016 year, The Center For Foreign Students Right Protection and Intehration organized course “Education for better future” in Gori municipality town hall. Event was attended by 30 students from different public schools. The main topics if the course were: the concept and the meaning of sociaty, participations in elections and education. The training course was international and participants shared their experiance and opinions along the same lines.
International students from Sri-Lanka had represented his countries sights, culture, economics, history, traditions, and the diversity of the nature. His presentation caused great interest among the audience. The final phase of the event was informational and participants were informed about Erasmus+ and EVS exchange programmes and also they recieved information about our center and it’s work.
The Center For Foreign Students Right Protection and Intergration is thankful to “League Of The Leaders” for their help. Above mentioned event near future will take place monthly in different regions of Georgia.


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