Training in Gori – “Youth Reflex 2.0”

Date Added: 12 November 2019 / 14:44

On November 8th we organized a final training in Gori State University within the project “Youth Reflex 2.0”. The event was attended by more than 100 youngsters from different schools of Gori.

The subjects of the trainings were as follows:
• Finishing up the project “Youth Reflex 2.0”
• Intercultural differences and stereotypes;
• Cooperation with Police and civilians’ rights;
• “Zero Tolerance”;
• Violence and its causes;

We started the training by fun energizers and a small presentation about #WeekOfRespect. Afterwards we continued with a discussion about cultural differences and stereotypes, prepared by our EVS volunteer – Douwe. With a fun intellectual quiz participants also learned some new things about the Netherlands.

Main part of the training was dedicated to the session of the lecturer from Ilia State University and lawyer – Temo Shengelaia, who discussed the causes of violence. He informed the youth about their rights when cooperating with Police.

The aims of the project “Youth Reflex 2.0” are: 1) To prevent drug related crimes and domestic violence by providing basic knowledge about law and civic activism to the youth, 2) to restore/strengthen trust and communication among youth and the Police authorities.


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